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Q:How do I figure out the budget for my flower's ?

A:It can really depend on the season you decided to be married in, but the general rule of thumb is 10% of your total cost of your wedding


 Q:Who receives flowers? 

A:Everybody in the Bridal party. Flowers have long been used to distinguish not only the bride but also the wedding party and special family members. Giving the mother of the bride and groom corsage, is a tradition and also a thoughtful way for you to acknowledge the role they play in the wedding. You may also want  to offer a corsage to other honored guest as well. Such as grandmothers, stepmothers, sisters or Aunts. Corsage should be pinned to the left shoulder. If the garment is of delicate fabric you may want to order a wrist corsage or a small tussie mussie, which are very popular.

Q: How do I know what color harmonies complement  my Bridesmaid dresses?

 A:Here is where a professional floral designer will help you create incredibly striking color combination. Usually you can be sure that if you work with analogous colors, from the color wheel, you will come up with something that is very stunning. Most brides are drawn to monochromatic colors harmonies. I love mixing slightly varying tones of the same hues. It creates much more interest then one color. Also using at least three or four shades really does create a beautiful tone or shadow effect. 

 Q:Are there ways to keep the flower cost down?

A: If a tight budget is your situation, ask your florist about rental items or if they will let you  provide vases or containers that would be suitable for centerpieces. A popular choice for minimal cost arrangements, are low glass bowls filled  with a couple of floating flowers blossoms and candles. Remember to keep it simple with one choice of flowers in mass bunches for ceremony altar pieces.That can keep the labor cost down. Be sure to honor flowers that are in season, to get more bang for your buck.

 Q:How do I handle  the high stress level ?

 A:Fill a big old bathtub with lavender and rose petals, pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles and soak your worries away. Let  English Rosetake care of all your floral needs.

Beautiful romantic flowers for you wedding day.
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